Chic luxury in Blaricum

A minimalistic interior featuring luxurious and refined details

In the heart of the village of Blaricum, Gooi, surrounded by greenery, we find this impressive villa of our client. The villa has recently been completely renovated and equipped with the latest techniques for comfortable and safe living. The clients are lovers of our Italian top brand Minotti and have asked us to design a complete interior with the collections of this brand in a most minimalistic way. It was important to get a luxurious look which is why materials such as velvet, nabuk leather, bronze and gold became our starting point. Because of the generous dimensions of the living room we chose the Yang sofa system of Minotti where we placed the sofas as islands on oversized carpets. This allows the seating elements to have more comfortable dimensions. Besides, now they stand out as design objects as you can walk around them. The tables are true eye catchers and are made of solid steel with a glossy gold finish and the tops are made of unique high gloss marble types. The chaise longues are upholstered in extremely soft velvet.

All cabinet elements in the living room and bedrooms are by top brands Minotti and Porro. In the lobby we placed a man-sized mirror with the Ashley footstool and Minotti side table. At the high opening you will find the most exclusive object of this project: the 'Diamonds From Amsterdam' by Brand Van Egmond. Throughout the house you'll find light sculptures by this Dutch top brand.

In the Master bedroom we have placed Minotti's Yang bed  and equipped it with Jensen's sleeping comfort. In this way we achieve the best of both worlds; the unparalleled comfort of Jensen with the looks of Minotti. Due to the generous dimensions of the Master bedroom, we also placed a Freeman seating group and the Aston geplaatst. chaise longue. All rooms are equipped with Kymo carpets which give the interior a warm, soft look.