Exceptional wellness garden

Elegant chic with the exclusive outdoor furniture of HORA

Located in the center of the Netherlands, the Veluwe, we find this new exclusive villa with a fantastic wellness garden, designed and built by the people of Heart for Gardens Woudenberg. A collaboration that has led to beautiful results before and worked out beautifully again this time. The tranquility and opennes that this garden radiates perfectly fits with the modest furniture by top brand BOREK.The garden is, so to speak, 'cloudly' landscaped with large batches of boxwood, yew and laurel, which ensure that all clean lines are broken and you will be surprised by a new sight every time you walk through this garden. Centrally located is the swimming pool for which our client has chosen two sturdy and spacious lounge beds from the Viking collection of Borek, designed by Frans van Rens. The loungeset and dining set are from the same series to keep as much peace and quiet as possible. The umbrellas are by Tuuci, essential during hot summer days, but these super tight umbrellas from Miami give every garden a modern look and are extremely wind resistant. All cushions are waterproof so they can be left outside year round. Because of the spacious dimensions of the terraces we have chosen to use furniture which is clearly present in terms of size, color and appearance. Yet, because everything is made of lightweight aluminum, the items are still practical to use. For each situation, outdoor or indoor, we determine what type of furniture is most suitable to use, not only for its practicality, but also to make the design as a whole even more beautiful.