Design & Consult


HORA designs and visualizes complete projects in a unique way, paying attention to the smallest details

At HORA we understand our clients' wishes to be able to visualize their new outdoor or indoor living area. That is the reason why we offer all our clients a personal design. Please feel welcome to visit our showroom and get inspired by our leading collection.



A design by HORA; a unique mix of leading brands and complete unburdening

Bring your floor plan or architect's drawing. Some photos will assist us in understanding the ambience you are seeking to create while at the same time enable us to create a design that perfectly matches your home and personal style. We gladly provide colour and lighting plans and advice kitchen, bathroom, floor and fireplace manufactures and landscape architects who work according to the same philosophy as we do. 


The HORA showroom; our driving power

Our showroom allows us to showcase our products while our clients are given the opportunity to test them at the same time. We partner with many architects from all over the Netherlands who visit our showroom with their respecting clients to have access to our brand offering. A complete design and / or a good bed is personal, which is precisely why we feel it is important that our clients experience the products and, taking in our advice, come to a sustainable and surprising choice that suits them completely. A choice our clients may not have thought of when they first visited HORA, that is precisely the reason why designing a new living area is a very enjoyable activity. We wish you a warm welcome to our showroom, in the center of the Netherlands, with no less than 4200 m² of the best products and where we will do our utmost best to guide and advise you in your choice.